Closing out the Summer Right! 3 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin and Hair

Ah summer, the days are longer, the sun is stronger and we’re finding ourselves being outdoors much more getting some good old vitamin D. While there are less than 3 weeks of summer left, it’s important to realize the sun is powerful all year long. Especially with our exposure being much higher in the summer time leading into the Fall. Whether you’re at the beach for a week or just out at the park every Sunday, you owe it to yourself to protect your hair and skin.

While it’s important to have a skin care routine, you need a little more oomph if you’re going to be spending prolonged time outside. Outlined below are Three (3) simple steps to ensuring you can have the best summer to date all the while protecting the integrity of your skin, hair and future as you transition into the Fall.


While we all know we’re supposed to hydrate daily, it’s critical in the summer time to make sure you’re getting in additional water. This can also come from eating fruits and vegetables high in water, especially if you live in a dryer climate. Dry skin can also benefit from Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 gel or Yonka’s Hydra N 1 Serum (available in store) before applying a hydrating cream or moisturizing. The skin around your eyes is very thin and even more delicate. We highly recommend Yonka Nutri-contour that can be used to nourish the skin around your eyes and the contours of your lips to protect them from drying.


In addition to having a great skin care routine (including exfoliating) when you’re busy being out and about you don’t have access to washing your face in the middle of the day. Oil Free wipes are highly recommended, you can use them whether you’re at the top of a mountain after a great hike or just after a work out at the gym.


Sun Screen Sun Screen Sun Screen. We can’t stress this enough. The skin on your face is much thinner and delicate than the rest of your body so it needs extra attention. We highly recommend the Skin Ceuticals SPF 50 and Yonka SPF 50, (both available in store) and should be applied after moisturizing every 45 minutes. A little goes a long way but make sure not to skip this step to help prevent hyper pigmentation in the future. Once it’s there it’s unfortunately much harder to remove and requires a lot more effort.


When it comes to your hair, deep conditioning treatments are your best friend. You can use them weekly or monthly as needed but be sure to also use leave in conditioners. The sun dries out your hair and fades hair color and toners. It’s important to adjust your hair care routine as well in the summer and fall time. We recommend Alexandre de Paris Keratin Enriched Hair-Apy to protect and nourish your hair. If you find yourself swimming more in the summer make sure to also use a color safe clarifying shampoo once or twice a week as needed. This will ensure all impurities are removed from your hair, especially if you are using a chlorine pool. Wearing a hat while being exposed to prolonged sun is also highly recommended. Just because you have hair on your head doesn’t mean your scalp isn’t also being exposed to harmful UV rays.

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Limit Hot tool Usage:

Try and avoid too much hot tool usage. Whether it’s blow drying your hair more often, flat ironing or curling. There’s nothing wrong with having some fun and styling your hair, but be aware of all the additional stress from all the sun exposure throughout the summer. We recommend Alexandre de Paris Luster Sheen Spray or the use of Wella EIMI Thermal Image before every blow dry or hot tool use. This can be used on both damp hair, before a blow dry, or on dry hair before putting in some beautiful curls with your iron. (Just remember to shake the bottle before spritzing!)

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Dry Shampoo:

The third and final tip is to wash your hair less. Dry shampoo is your best friend, we love Wella’s EIMI Dry Shampoo (available in store) . While this can be harder in the summer, if you feel like you can’t get through it on your off days, rinse your hair under cold water before applying a little conditioner to help soften your hair. Many people that experience oily scalps and wash their hair everyday are actually causing that imbalance. The more you strip natural oils from your scalp and hair, your body compensates by producing more. Try pushing through that short period of time and your body will learn to balance itself out.

We hope these steps will help you close out the summer looking and feeling your best, ensuring a great transition into the Fall/Winter months ahead. For now, enjoy the last few weeks of Summer, soaking up the sun…responsibly of course :p


Spring is here and that means prom season is upon us!

With one of the most important and memorable days for a high school student, you want to make sure every detail is perfect, from choosing shoes, a dress and of course a hairstyle. With one of the best salon in Fairfax VA Alexandre de Paris has all the creative workforces to take the stress out of this special day.

Short-Medium Hair:
With the lob trends staying strong moving into the year, many woman are faced with the question of how to have a look that stands out with hair length above the shoulder.

One of the biggest trends for hairstyling in 2019 are short braided styles. It adds so much character and is great to give hair a little more edge than just a sleek or curled look. This can easily be achieved by braiding the front section of your hair back (Think crown braid)

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Let’s also not forget about beach waves! This hairstyle is the easiest way to separate yourself from all the other short curled looks. This can be achieved with 4 simple steps:

  1. Curl the hair with a larger diameter iron making sure to alternate directions so things don’t look too uniform. (After all, the look became wildly popular mimicking the look of hair after a day at the beach)
  1. Allow your hair to cool off for about five minutes.
  1. Lather a dime size amount of Alexandre de Paris Keratin Enriched Hairapy and gently start to pull apart the curls in a downward motion, relaxing them into beautiful soft waves. (If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, be extra gentle on this step)
  1. Finish with a soft hairspray or texture spray and viola! Beautiful beach waves.

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Long Hairstyles:
To all the woman with lavish long hair, just because you have more hair to work with doesn’t mean you have to work harder to achieve a beautiful runway look. A slick high pony tail (think Ariana grande) or even add more of an edgy twist with having some braids thrown in the mix. Apply Alexandre de Paris Luster Sheen Spray from mid lengths to ends to help add shine, heat protection as well as prevent frizz. Flat iron if needed and keep the pony tail either high for a more elegant look, or low for an effortless relaxed feel. This works best having some pieces around the face fall out and curled for a more elegant look that’s super easy to create. For anyone seeking a curled look, after getting your pony tail nice and sleek, curl just the mid length to ends of the hair.

Another great option is to have a half up half down look which cuts your work in half with the curling iron. You can also follow the same steps above for a beautiful soft beach wave.

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It’s not all just in the hair
Hair isn’t the only thing that’s important for prom, the dress of course is such an important decision and of course has to be factored when styling hair for prom. If your dress has many intricate details throughout, better to go with a sleek elegant hair design. Want your hair to be the center of your look? Have a tailored updo by one of the hair designers at Alexandre de Paris, having something unique to you and your special night.



Let not your age define your beauty

Are you displeased of going to a spa where proper care is not provided? Don’t worry, we are here to care for you. Alexandre de Paris, one of the best salon in Fairfax VA is very popularly known for its quality service and care taken for every customer cordially. It provides various services such as hair cutting, hair highlighting, hair colouring, facials, massage, body treatments, nail services and etc.

Why are we the best?

  • The saloon experts are kind, hospitable, gentle and well trained- everything you expect from a great establishment.
  • Spas are the emerging trend which determines the desire to renovate one’s youth and prolong a healthy lifestyle. With a standing example of celebrities and trendsetters, the current generation youth understands that“taking care of one’s body today will decelerate the ageing clock of tomorrow”.
  • Either to jump-start a healthy lifestyle or relax after a stressful work or rejuvenate your beauty, we care for your health.
  • You can make an appointment at any time as you wish and get the most out of it. The waiting time is completely eliminated.
  • Getting whole body care at one single place or establishment is very rare. Experts also provide services to both men and women.

Features of various services:

Hair cutting:

A haircut can determine the character or nature of a person. So it must be done in a style which perfectly suits your face. Alexandre de Paris is a blend of health care professionals who make perfect haircut in Fairfax VA.By selecting a perfect hairstyle which suits your head, our experts make a stylish haircut.

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Hair highlighting:

Change your hair colour as you need with hair highlighting. When the world turns modern why not we? Try out the colour that your favorite actress or actor was using. We care for your hair by choosing the right product without chemicals. Therefore get your crazy hair coloured without any side effects.


Waxing makes the hair grow finer and slower. It makes your skin smoother for a longer time. Therefore you can wear your favorite sleeves openly. We ensure that you walk out happy and hairless for months!


Alexandre de Paris is also famous for body waxing in Fairfax Va. Get a glowing and youthful face with our facials. Before starting with facial we evaluate your skin type and figure out what your skin needs to look its best. It also gives a deep cleanse for your pores on your face. Are you prepared to look radiant?


Stressed out due to heavy work? With the magical hands of our massage therapists, your stress and pain fly away in minutes. We assure you that your body gets completely relaxed and feel energetic after a message.

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Skin treatment:

Skin treatments are available for different people with different types of skins. Treatments such as acne facial, vitamin C facial, European facial, soothing and calming facial and etc. are done. Before any treatment, a skin analysis is conducted. Therefore don’t worry about any side effects.

Nail services:

Alexandre de Paris deserves more than that you might expect from a typical pedicure or manicure. With talented nail designers nail shaping, nail polishing, nail colouring, GEL applying are done. To have healthy nails, it must be properly maintained regularly.

Laser hair removal:

Laser body hair removal is done by experienced technicians with the help of modernized machines to remove unwanted hair from any area of your body permanently without much pain.

Special occasions:

When you go to a bridal party or any special occasions you might adorn yourself to look pretty. But most of us apply a lot of makeups which looks awful. Our experts in Alexandre de Paris gives you a perfect hairstyle and makes you look fabulous at the party. Now makeup before a party is no more a headache. Bridal decorations are also done in an excelling manner.

In a nutshell, Alexandre de Paris offers complete body healthcare services at one place by experts in that field. Your body is well analyzed before applying any treatment which eliminates unwanted side effects. Our experts also provide advises related to daily health maintenance. Groceries needed for the daily health maintenance are also available in the establishment which is an added value to the Spa.


How to prepare yourself for the Best everlasting Body waxing Fairfax VA experience

There are number of myths attached to the reputation of waxing, let us stump those for you! People believe that waxing solutions reduce the quality of skin, as well as causing wrinkles. And you need to shave again and again to maintain the smoothness of the skin. However, none of the myths mentioned above are true for any kind of waxing. It is just the preparation, which matters before undergoing the waxing procedure as well as the aftercare which can keep the waxing experience lasting long, without any effects on the skin. In any case, waxing is an awesome approach to get smooth, delightful skin without the requirement for the excruciating day by day medications like shaving or unforgiving compound applications. One actuality that isn’t a myth is that waxing is somewhat difficult, and requires a little measure of work. You’ll find out in the blog post below about the various tips and tricks that will enable you to drag out the period in the middle of waxing sessions, sparing you some torment, cash, and time.

  1. Believe in Exfoliation of Skin

One of the least difficult tips for what to do before waxing is that many individuals don’t know is peeling. It’s a typical myth that waxing sheds your skin. Be that as it may, while the wax may feel like it adheres to your skin and hauling earth out of your pores; in reality just adhering to your hair. Without Exfoliation, a number of dead skin cells remain on your legs, temples, or at the bikini area. This development hinders your hair follicles. It can keep the wax from holding fast to your hair. At that point, when you remove the wax strips, some hair or parts of hairs may get left behind.

  1. Go for peeling a day before you planned your Waxing Schedule

Be delicate! Peeling with a brutal scour can make your skin extremely delicate. This can make waxing exceptionally excruciating. Rather, pick a delicate scour, or just shed with a harsh washcloth or loofah. You could even make your own particular domestic peel with Orange or Lemon Peels All this helps to shed between waxes, to help keep your skin smooth and shield earth and dead skin from working up.

  1. Say No to Shaving

Generally, people say you should shave a day before you are due for waxing, however what may be the urgency one should never shave their body parts, as the after-growth degrades the quality of skin completely. A few people trust that they can expand the time between wax sessions by shaving their legs. Others trust that shaving is a smart thought, keeping in mind the end goal to offer their skin a reprieve from waxing.

  1. Endeavor to keep skin delicate and smooth

On the off chance that you don’t deal with your skin between waxing sessions, you may feel that you require another wax sooner than you really do.  You may botch harsh, dry skin for hair development, and wax too early. Your skin will then be significantly touchier, and the cycle will proceed. Saturate each and every day. Decide on a characteristic moisturizer, without unforgiving scents or colors. Quit peeling the day of your arranged waxing session however. Also, your moisturizer may keep the wax from following appropriately.

  1. Undergo a self-check before waxing

This tip for what to do before waxing ought to be performed just before you begin waxing. Prior to the wax hits your skin, deliberately check your skin or rashes, cuts, irritation, or some other variations from the norm. Waxing over these can be difficult, and may leave your skin aroused and delicate long after your waxing session.  In the event that you discover a check, either hold up to wax or maintain a strategic distance from the influenced territory.

One should always remember, that waxing is just a treatment, though it is the care (Pre and Post Waxing Care) which bring changes in your skin. Though if you are looking for a salon which gives you tips and tricks to keep the beauty treatments lasting along with the best services such as a haircuts which you have been longing for ages or the best laser treatment, walk-in to Alexandre de Paris in Fairfax, Virginia and enjoy the best services at a comparatively low price.

Why do you need to opt only for the Best Beauty Salons when it comes to treating your nails?

Every woman enjoys being pampered, and what best solution can husbands bring to her, apart from offering some luring services offered by the Best beauty Salons in town. It’s vital amidst the matter of life to treat you. These sort of Spa and Salons help you to unruffle and enjoy life in a better way and even makes you stress free. If you could get a Starbucks drink following a bustling day at work, purchasing that charming best you’ve been looking at for quite a long time or heading off to the nail salon is something you can definitely enjoy on a hectic day. Located at Northern VA, Alexandre de Paris is considered as one of the best beauty salons which offer a variety of services related to skin, beauty and hair. It also offers full administration nail salon accessible to their loving customers. They believing in getting spoiled and thinking just about themselves when they are sitting on the beauty treatment chair.

The salon has also gain reputation amongst the best spas in northern VA as their salon is empowered by people who had mastered the art of Spa and Sauna, and understand the art of massaging. Nail salons have been around for a considerable length of time and are an incredible approach to treat yourself to an expert nail treatment or pedicure.  Here at Alexandre de Paris, we offer the maximum range of nail spas to be offered by nail salon in Fairfax va.  Try out their ultimate hot stone nail spas and you will see various differences in the quality of nails such as:

  • Getting a hot massage nail treatment routinely done will keep your nails from maturing too quickly.
  • Additionally, when you rub the skin, you are really utilizing an awesome pressure point massage method to enhance blood course and enhance your skin wellbeing.
  • It deals with skin issues over the long haul.
  • Hot massage nail treatment will likewise scrub and peel your nails and enhance the surface of your fingernail skin over the long haul.
  • Hangnails are effortlessly evacuated simultaneously.
  • Your nails will be cleaner, and they will become more grounded and quicker.
  • The adaptability of your wrists and hands will enhance in the meantime.
  • You’ll get proficient administration.

Here is what more a specialized beauty Salon can do for you:

You’ll encounter additional spoiling:

When you’re completing your nails at an expert nail salon you will be furnished with the advantage of encountering additional spoiling amid the nail mind process. Not exclusively will you have your nails professionally painted however you will likewise get a warm towel treatment, saturating and a hand rub. Contingent upon the salon some even offer short back rubs while you’re drying your nails!

Indeed, even the climate offers spoiling in itself. Many nail salons have an unwinding situation that advances add up to health and unwinding. You can get more an incentive for your cash the same number of nail salons guarantee that their clients are dealt with in an unwinding, spoiling condition.

You get more assortments

An all around prepared nail salon gives their clients an extensive assortment of nail hues from matte, to sheer to sparkle. In case you will do your nails at home, you are constrained to the choice of nail hues since you’re just depending on what you have at home. At a nail salon you have an extensive variety of items to look over, yet not just for hues. Many nail salons now offer consistent clean, gel and shellac, so that even you can maintain your nails. You can likewise get favor with an excellent French nail trim or pedicure for unique occasions or just to treat yourself!

At Alexandre da Paris Salon we make sure that every customer is dealt with extreme care. We offer nail benefits so you can come in, unwind and be spoiled to. So treat yourself to a day at the nail salon at Alexandre de Paris, the top salon amongst the ones located in Fairfax va.

Come and re-invent yourself once again with us…