Fall into a new look this Autumn!

Just like that we say goodbye to the warm, long summer days and greet Fall with open arms. The days are shorter, the clothes bulkier and we’ve got just the details you need to fall into the season with the latest trends. As we all know Autumn signifies change and beauty, so we have listed out the following 5 trends that are going strong throughout the rest of 2019.

Dimensional Spot Color:
This is the best way for all the beautiful summer blondes trying to transition into the fall/winter hair trends. While no one ever has to follow the idea of darkening hair color dependent on the time of year, it’s a very common practice. The best way to do so while keeping your hair healthy and strong is to add some dimension to it. This can be done by using specific foil patterns and more natural warmer or golden tones for a beautiful look. Rest assured when the time comes and you want to go back to a full platinum blonde look, this is a very forgiving process and can be transitioned back easily.

All-over Color Transformation:
If you absolutely love the Fall season and look forward to it every year, then why not go big and change your hair color scalp to ends with a beautiful fall inspired palette? Fall is filled with beautiful tones that that can be found across the spectrum, whether you would like a dark cherry chestnut brown, or a beautiful golden strawberry blonde. Now is the perfect time to take the leap and go for that bold autumn inspired look!

Feeling really bold!? Bangs or fringes are finishing the year strong. From the red carpet look of having bone straight, or the softer whisper curtain bang, this look can drastically change your appearance for the Fall with little to no effort. Do keep in mind that if your hair texture is unruly or curly it will take some time in the morning to style. One important tip we always recommend and practice in the salon is to always style the bangs or fringe first. This prevents the hair from drying in a direction that will prevent it from looking perfect.

Blunt bobs:
Being so versatile for all face shapes and hair textures there’s no doubt it’s one of the greatest haircuts of all time. This specific cut having no layers keeps for a very sharp A-list look. It’s bold, it’s flattering, and the best part is that it can be worn at various lengths in order to fit your face shape giving you the best look. It’s easier to maintain and style and allows for a fuller look for those with fine or thinner hair.


The 80’s vibe and style is still here, and why not? No one wants limp, flat hair. Utilizing the proper tools to maintain voluptuous bouncy hair is key! Alexandre de Paris Silk Foam Mousse is always my go to because it provides long lasting hold, doesn’t flake, and doesn’t weigh the hair down the next day. Utilizing a good blow dryer and if needed a root shoot and you’ll have fabulous volume all day long!
We hope you enjoyed these Fall trends and were able to get some inspiration. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or to schedule a free consultation if you would like to tailor something special and unique for your hair this Autumn. We hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving! ???

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