Let not your age define your beauty

Are you displeased of going to a spa where proper care is not provided? Don’t worry, we are here to care for you. Alexandre de Paris, one of the best salon in Fairfax VA is very popularly known for its quality service and care taken for every customer cordially. It provides various services such as hair cutting, hair highlighting, hair colouring, facials, massage, body treatments, nail services and etc.

Why are we the best?

Features of various services:

Hair cutting:

A haircut can determine the character or nature of a person. So it must be done in a style which perfectly suits your face. Alexandre de Paris is a blend of health care professionals who make perfect haircut in Fairfax VA.By selecting a perfect hairstyle which suits your head, our experts make a stylish haircut.

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Hair highlighting:

Change your hair colour as you need with hair highlighting. When the world turns modern why not we? Try out the colour that your favorite actress or actor was using. We care for your hair by choosing the right product without chemicals. Therefore get your crazy hair coloured without any side effects.


Waxing makes the hair grow finer and slower. It makes your skin smoother for a longer time. Therefore you can wear your favorite sleeves openly. We ensure that you walk out happy and hairless for months!


Alexandre de Paris is also famous for body waxing in Fairfax Va. Get a glowing and youthful face with our facials. Before starting with facial we evaluate your skin type and figure out what your skin needs to look its best. It also gives a deep cleanse for your pores on your face. Are you prepared to look radiant?


Stressed out due to heavy work? With the magical hands of our massage therapists, your stress and pain fly away in minutes. We assure you that your body gets completely relaxed and feel energetic after a message.

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Skin treatment:

Skin treatments are available for different people with different types of skins. Treatments such as acne facial, vitamin C facial, European facial, soothing and calming facial and etc. are done. Before any treatment, a skin analysis is conducted. Therefore don’t worry about any side effects.

Nail services:

Alexandre de Paris deserves more than that you might expect from a typical pedicure or manicure. With talented nail designers nail shaping, nail polishing, nail colouring, GEL applying are done. To have healthy nails, it must be properly maintained regularly.

Laser hair removal:

Laser body hair removal is done by experienced technicians with the help of modernized machines to remove unwanted hair from any area of your body permanently without much pain.

Special occasions:

When you go to a bridal party or any special occasions you might adorn yourself to look pretty. But most of us apply a lot of makeups which looks awful. Our experts in Alexandre de Paris gives you a perfect hairstyle and makes you look fabulous at the party. Now makeup before a party is no more a headache. Bridal decorations are also done in an excelling manner.

In a nutshell, Alexandre de Paris offers complete body healthcare services at one place by experts in that field. Your body is well analyzed before applying any treatment which eliminates unwanted side effects. Our experts also provide advises related to daily health maintenance. Groceries needed for the daily health maintenance are also available in the establishment which is an added value to the Spa.