Spring is here and that means prom season is upon us!

With one of the most important and memorable days for a high school student, you want to make sure every detail is perfect, from choosing shoes, a dress and of course a hairstyle. With one of the best salon in Fairfax VA Alexandre de Paris has all the creative workforces to take the stress out of this special day.

Short-Medium Hair:
With the lob trends staying strong moving into the year, many woman are faced with the question of how to have a look that stands out with hair length above the shoulder.

One of the biggest trends for hairstyling in 2019 are short braided styles. It adds so much character and is great to give hair a little more edge than just a sleek or curled look. This can easily be achieved by braiding the front section of your hair back (Think crown braid)

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Let’s also not forget about beach waves! This hairstyle is the easiest way to separate yourself from all the other short curled looks. This can be achieved with 4 simple steps:

  1. Curl the hair with a larger diameter iron making sure to alternate directions so things don’t look too uniform. (After all, the look became wildly popular mimicking the look of hair after a day at the beach)
  1. Allow your hair to cool off for about five minutes.
  1. Lather a dime size amount of Alexandre de Paris Keratin Enriched Hairapy and gently start to pull apart the curls in a downward motion, relaxing them into beautiful soft waves. (If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, be extra gentle on this step)
  1. Finish with a soft hairspray or texture spray and viola! Beautiful beach waves.

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Long Hairstyles:
To all the woman with lavish long hair, just because you have more hair to work with doesn’t mean you have to work harder to achieve a beautiful runway look. A slick high pony tail (think Ariana grande) or even add more of an edgy twist with having some braids thrown in the mix. Apply Alexandre de Paris Luster Sheen Spray from mid lengths to ends to help add shine, heat protection as well as prevent frizz. Flat iron if needed and keep the pony tail either high for a more elegant look, or low for an effortless relaxed feel. This works best having some pieces around the face fall out and curled for a more elegant look that’s super easy to create. For anyone seeking a curled look, after getting your pony tail nice and sleek, curl just the mid length to ends of the hair.

Another great option is to have a half up half down look which cuts your work in half with the curling iron. You can also follow the same steps above for a beautiful soft beach wave.

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It’s not all just in the hair
Hair isn’t the only thing that’s important for prom, the dress of course is such an important decision and of course has to be factored when styling hair for prom. If your dress has many intricate details throughout, better to go with a sleek elegant hair design. Want your hair to be the center of your look? Have a tailored updo by one of the hair designers at Alexandre de Paris, having something unique to you and your special night.