braided hair | Valentine's Day hairstyle

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles You Will LOVE

LOVE this Valentine’s Day. Love your spouse, your partner, your gal pals, yourself. Love your hair. You have to love your hair. Each person’s hair is a direct reflection of who they are. How do you see yourself? On this day meant specifically for love, a style that says, “This is who I am, and I love me!” is what you need.

Looking for Valentine’s Day hair inspiration?


Twist a sweet & simple braid

braided hair | Valentine's Day hairstyle

You love to wear your hair in a braid, but it’s rare you take the time to do it up. Not this year. This year is the year you’ve decided to do more of the things you love. And so on this most special of date nights, it’s all about you. French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid — maybe you’ll go crazy and opt for an upside down braid. Love yourself, girl. You go, girl. Braid, girl.

Embrace voluminous curls.

curly hair | Valentine's Day hairstyle

Can’t you just imagine it, snuggling on the couch with a glass of wine and dessert. He looks down at you, smiles, twirls and twists his fingers in your voluminous curls to pull you closer for a kiss. *sigh* It’s every little girl’s dream; there’s no better way to spend Valentine’s Day. And no better hairstyle for you and your love than curls. Those curls are all their own. Embrace them.

Straighten your locks for a sleek and sexy look.

sleek, straight hair | Valentine's Day hairstyles

Let your hair down. Let it fall around your bare shoulders as you lean in for a kiss. Achieve this look with a little magic and some help from your favorite straightening iron. Consider circling your temple with sweet romantic braids that break free into those silky straight tresses, and your galentines will ask, “Oh, how do you do it?”

Be wild and free. Be yourself.

wild hair | be yourself | Valentine's Day hairstyles

After all, that’s why he loves you. For your easygoing style and your free spirit. Tie up your signature messy bun, or feel the breeze as it blows through your wild hair — ask you; those minutes are better spent gazing into your lover’s eyes than straightening, curling, or braiding. And if we had to guess, we think he’ll be okay with that.

Pink is the color of love.

pink hair | Valentine's day hairstyles

Now that’s what we call wild. Streaks of pink say, “I’m feeling flirty.” Pull your favorite little black dress from the closet; bat your eyelashes, and tease those colorful locks so they frame your face just so — she won’t be able to resist. Love is in the hair and in your hair!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Alexandre de Paris Beauty Spa Centre, Fairfax VA’s destination for all things beauty.